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Getting Started with Fuzzy Studio #3: Build Your First Simulation

6 mins read The best way to learn how to use Fuzzy Studio is to try it out on a real application. So here we will get our hands dirty with a complete walkthrough of an entire gluing application!

Here we’re going to create a complete Gluing application from scratch but don’t worry it won’t take long with Fuzzy Studio.

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Getting Started with Fuzzy Studio #6: Instant Trajectory Deployment

< 1 mins read In this tutorial we will show you how easy it is to bring your simulation to life when Fuzzy Studio Production is connected to Fuzzy RTOS. In a few simple clicks, your simulation in Fuzzy Studio turns into a real-time digital twin for your robotic workcell. Fine tune every aspect of your process with precision and ease. No coding needed.

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Calibration: Introduction, Concepts & Terms

< 1 mins read In this tutorial, we will begin our long journey into the topic of calibration. Calibration in robotics has many meanings but at the end of the day we want to match our simulated models as best as possible to the real world. This is what we mean by calibration.

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