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Revolutionizing Aeronautical Cleaning: Visionic and Fuzzy Logic Unite for Robotized Precision

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Visionic, a Groupe Siléane company specializing in the integration of robotic and machine vision solutions, has teamed up with Fuzzy Logic to automate the cleaning of complex parts in the aerospace sector. Thanks to Fuzzy Logic’s intuitive software for creating, simulating and controlling robotic cells in real time, the partners were able to overcome the technological and financial obstacles to the robotization of new applications in the aerospace industry.

The main problem was the manual high-pressure cleaning and decontamination of parts used on aircraft engines, which exposed operators to the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. The complexity of robotization lay in the variety of parts to be programmed, the costs involved and the availability of robotic skills. To meet this challenge, Visionic developed an innovative robotic cell that includes a chassis, robot, high-pressure hydraulic circuits, filtration system and particle recovery, controlled by Fuzzy Studio software. This unique solution heralds a new era in robotics, enabling complex tasks to be automated without the need for robotic programming expertise, thereby assisting with manual and tedious tasks.

Testimonial from Jérémy Dubois, Project Manager at Visionic


What was the main reason for choosing our software?

For this project, we were looking for solutions for the design and ergonomics of the process.
The roboticists and all the robot manufacturers offered us a traditional system for creating trajectories. Fuzzy Logic offers great flexibility in trajectory creation and simplicity. The Fuzzy Studio software allows operators without advanced robotics skills to use the software while creating trajectories very easily.


What was the main obstacle that prevented you from purchasing our software?

There wasn’t really anything that slowed me down. Your solution is new to me. Since we work on special machines, looking for solutions and technological building blocks, there were no difficulties that could have slowed us down. Perhaps it was Fuzzy Logic’s youth, but in the end it was well received by the customer, who had confidence in both Visionic and Fuzzy.


What was the problem to be solved?

Ergonomics. Today, without this machine, pressure washing is 100% manual. Fuzzy Logic’s contribution is to make the process more ergonomic by replacing the manual functions performed by the operators with a robotic arm.


Which specific feature did you like the most?

Cursor pose: you can create trajectories with just a few clicks.
What are the main advantages of our software since its installation?
At this stage, it’s too early or not mature enough to say, but we already know that the customer’s needs are solved thanks to this application.


Why would you recommend our software?

Today, if you’re dealing with manual functions and you need to replace or add software to time-consuming or tedious operations. Replacing manual operator operations with a robotic arm controlled by Fuzzy Logic allows you to respond to part of the process without replacing or eliminating an operator position. It’s really a complement, not a replacement.

Anything else you want to add?

It’s a promising software that has a strong foundation and, compared to anything I’ve seen before and in the future, will be able to respond to a number of problems in the aerospace industry.


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