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Easily reprogram robots in the factory for flexible manufacturing.

Intuitive no-code robotic programming and simulation

No robotics expertise required

Cost-effective robotic automation for any kind of production

Robotics is no longer reserved for mass-production lines. Intuitive no-code software enables anyone from the factory floor to the R&D department to program a robot in just a few clicks. No special training needed.


Derisk your robotics investment with intuitive simulation software

Design, simulate and modify an entire robotic process in just a few clicks to maximize your ROI. Fuzzy Studio is for people who are NOT robotics experts, and enables them to quickly test their ideas and derisk their robotic investments.

real-time control

From your simulation to your real robot in one click

Don’t just simulate your robotic system, run it on the real deal. In one click connect your simulation to your real system. Easily reprogram, repurpose and monitor your production system for full control.

automation independence

Freedom and autonomy no matter what brand of robot you use

Don’t rely on experts to be able use an industrial robot. With one software you can simulate and control any major brand of robot with ease and precision.

Supported Robot Brands

No programming skills necessary

There is no need to learn or understand programming to use a robot. With our no-code user interface, visually interact with the 3D simulated environment and the robot programs are automatically generated for you.

Ready to start?

Design and simulate an entire robotic process right now!

Universal Robot Motion Controller

Build cross-robot applications in record time using our universal API.
Use advanced control algorithms for any robot.