Fuzzy Studio Pricing

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Billing Cycle
  • Monthly
  • Yearly (Save up to 16%)


115per month
  • Everything you need to get started!
  • Interactive 3D scene builder
  • Robot and tool libraries
  • No-code simulation and programming
  • CAD to trajectory generation


  • All SIMULATION features plus...
  • Real-time robot control
  • Real-time digital twin monitoring
  • I/O configuration tools
  • Premium ticketing and support


  • All PRODUCTION features plus...
  • Multi-user licenses
  • Offline licensing capabilities
  • Priority support hotline
  • Custom integrations

Minimum System Requirements

Mid-range Intel Core i5
16Gb of RAM
Recent entry-level dedicated graphics card
15Gb of free Disk
Recommended SSD
Full-HD screen (min)
Windows 10-11

Fuzzy Studio Features

Interactive robot workcell design in 3D
Library of 3D robot models from major brands
Library of standard and custom end-effector tools
Custom end-effector tool creation modul
CAD file import (STEP 203, STEP 214, IGES, PLY, OBJ, STL, GLB)
Point cloud import (PLY)
Collision detection and management
Automatic trajectory generation from CAD
Trajectory export (CSV, FSTRAJ)
Trajectory import (CSV, FSTRAJ)
Millisecond accurate trajectory duration estimation
3D simulation and preview robot motions and tool paths
Export and share projects
Tutorials and documentation
Real-time robot control
Real-time robot monitoring and digital twin
Cartesian and joint jogging tools
Instant execution of trajectory on real robot
I/O configuration tool for external communication
Online ticketing system
Email support
Telephone support
Custom license management options
Custom commercial and support agreements

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