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Laser Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Efficiency, precision and environmental friendliness in industrial stripping and surface preparation with robotic automation and laser technology

Industrial surface preparation and stripping is a critical process. That ensures both the function of the part and the equipment while lowering manufacturing costs, reducing human labor and integrating environmental friendliness. However, traditional methods of cleaning and surface preparation, such as chemical solutions, shot blasting or abrasive blasting, and manual masking, can be time consuming, painful for the people involved, harmful to the environment, and sometimes not effective enough. In recent years, advances in laser technology and robotic automation have led to a new method of industrial stripping and surface preparation: robotic laser cleaning and surface preparation. By combining the precision of laser technology with the flexibility and repeatability of robotic automation, manufacturers can now achieve an efficient, repeatable, high-quality surface treatment process that reduces operational and running costs.

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Robotic laser stripping and surface preparation uses a focused laser beam to sublimate surface residue and also to achieve controlled surface structuring for certain applications. This method can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as oxide stripping, surface preparation before gluing and painting, global stripping of structures with CMR coatings (Lead, Asbestos), nuclear decontamination, stripping before/after welding, passivation, removal of manual spares. The robotized solution makes the qualified process perfectly robust. In addition, the laser process is accompanied by a vacuum at the source, which leaves the treated part clean and does not disperse the sublimated residues into the environment, unlike traditional methods.

One of the main advantages of the robotic laser stripping and surface preparation solution is its precision and repeatability, which makes it very robust. The laser solution allows treatment of targeted areas without affecting the surrounding surfaces. This is particularly useful for cleaning sensitive surfaces or those requiring a high level of precision.

Moreover, another advantage of the robotic laser solution is its flexibility. The robotic arm can be programmed to clean a wide range of surfaces and geometries, including complex shapes and contours. This makes it a versatile solution for various industries such as aerospace, defense, energy, automotive and manufacturing.

With the Production bundle (Fuzzy Studio Production and Fuzzy RTOS Production) from Fuzzy Logic, and the CleanLaser technologies deployed by Meliad, our partner, we enable fast and intuitive programming of your laser cleaning paths. Feel free to check out this article talking about the different applications and shelf cells we are implementing with Meliad.

Meliad robotic laser stripping and surface preparation is a powerful and robust industrial method that combines the best of laser technology and robotic automation. It is a robust, environmentally friendly and humane alternative to traditional stripping and surface preparation methods, with the added benefits of accuracy, flexibility and productivity. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that more and more companies will adopt Meliad’s robotic laser cleaning to meet their stripping and surface preparation needs.

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