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Fuzzy RTOS

Universal REAL-TIME robot Motion controller

  • Real-time control software for industrial robots
  • Runs on a dedicated low-power Industrial PC
  • Exposes MQTT and REST APIs
  • Compatible with all major robot brands
  • Does not generate proprietary robot-programs
  • Built from the ground up for industry 4.0
How Fuzzy RTOS works

Develop robotic applications in record time - one API, any robot

Fuzzy RTOS transforms the way we develop robotic applications. No generated brand-specific robot programs anymore, only one generic high-level interface. Fuzzy RTOS uses the power of the industry-trusted MQTT and REST technologies to convert user commands into realtime low-level robot control. It works seamlessly across all major robot brands, allowing you to quickly create robotic applications using modern languages, like C#, python, javascript, and connect them to any industrial equipment. You are in control.

Ensure compatibility with all major robot brands

Fuzzy RTOS guarantees full support of ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Staübli, Universal Robot & Yaskawa robots, with many more to come in the future. We did the hard work of interfacing with all of them, so you can focus on your application’s added value, not robot specific particularities.

Remove your trajectory limitations - unleash your robots.

Industrial robot controllers can be quite limiting when dealing with complex trajectories. Limited types of motion across brands, limited control on important process parameters, limited number of points per trajectory. With Fuzzy RTOS, no need to sacrifice anything: you can generate trajectories with up to 1 million waypoints, with all types of motion available, enforcing constant speeds, across all robot brands. Unlock your robot’s full capabilities.

PLC Connectivity

Connect to PLCs and other industrial equipment

Thanks to MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), any industrial device can take control of Fuzzy RTOS – and vice-versa – to meet your robotic workcell standards and conform to any existing architecture. MQTT works well with the OPC UA protocol, allowing you to gather robot data for real-time monitoring, analytics or predictive maintenance.

Plug and play with industry leading hardware

Fuzzy RTOS is built upon trusted industry technologies. It’s been out for years with thousands of hours of continuous runtime. We love it and we’re not the only ones.

Soon, you will be able to find Fuzzy RTOS shipped on Bosch Rexroth CtrlX CORE™ platform.

Fuzzy RTOS Fuzzy Studio

Fuzzy RTOS is Fuzzy Studio's best companion.
Combined together, you will be able to control any robot, connect to PLCs and instantaneously execute a full robotic process, in one click.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Fuzzy RTOS is used to develop robotic applications much faster by using modern programming languages, and connecting to the robot with a unique API, and not worry with brand specifics. We did all the hard work for you.

No. Fuzzy RTOS communicates in hard real-time with the robot controller and controls the individual axes directly. This means that Fuzzy RTOS directly handles all trajectory generation and motion interpolation and provides consistent real-time performance across robot brands. 

The use of Fuzzy RTOS standalone is primarily for developers and integrators. 

If combined with Fuzzy Studio, then Fuzzy RTOS is the transparent bridge that allows you to execute Fuzzy Studio's trajectories instantaneously, on any robot. No expertise needed.

Yes. Fuzzy RTOS can work without Fuzzy Studio. It's a standalone product that can be used to build any custom robotic application. 

Fuzzy RTOS can be accessed via REST for configuration, and MQTT for sending Joint Targets, Cartesian Targets, entire trajectories. Any modern language can be used to program the robot using Fuzzy RTOS and an MQTT Client library. Here is a list of supported languages. 

We pilot and exchange with the robots their real-time interfaces. Each manufacturer as it's own protocol: Kuka RSI, ABB EGM etc. Fuzzy RTOS takes care of all those abstractions and exposes a unique API via MQTT so users can write code that works on any brand. Contact sales for more info on those robot real-time extensions

As of today, Fuzzy Logic provides Fuzzy RTOS pre-installed on a dedicated IPC. If your robotic cell requires a particular brand of IPC, we do offer additional services to support new hardware. Contact our sales and support team for more information.

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