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What’s new with Fuzzy 4.11?

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We are pleased to announce the release of Fuzzy Logic version 4.11. This update includes several enhancements, such as surfacing improvements and streamlined robot control. Additionally, changes in Fuzzy RTOS have been implemented to make the user experience more practical.


Revamped operational modes for improved robot control

The operational modes have been overhauled to enhance robot controller behavior, now offering three distinct modes.

Manual Mode: Users can execute generated trajectories or jog the robot. Trajectories can be played by holding the Play button continuously. A timer indicates when the jog mode will deactivate if no action is taken for safety.

Auto Mode: This mode disables jogging and allows single-click trajectory execution. Pressing the space bar or directly clicking the button triggers a safety stop.

External Mode: This mode enables trajectory control from external devices through Fuzzy Studio IOs. Activation of your exchange table is required. This mode disables the user interface, and the space bar triggers a safety stop.


Enhanced surfacing algorithm and surface extraction for more CAD formats

The surfacing functionality has been enhanced to handle surface offsets to allow for better surface coverage. This is especially beneficial in material deposit applications such as painting where over spray might be necessary to ensure proper coverage.

The latest update also allows users to apply tolerances to the spacing of cutting planes, ensuring more precise and consistent surface coverage. This is particularly useful for gluing applications, where precise control of cutting plane spacing is essential for optimal glue bead placement.


Surfacing extraction available for more CAD types

Surface extraction is now avalable for more CAD types, including .obj and .ply files. Users can choose their preferred extraction method between using normals to the faces or connected faces, offering greater control over the end result. This extends the availability of trajectory generators like Surface or Edge to more CAD files.


Visualization of trajectory generation progression

A progress bar has been added to provide more insight into the trajectory generation process making task monitoring easier, especially when dealing with great numbers of waypoints.


Improved Fuzzy RTOS Web Dashboard and DHCP set up

The web dashboard has been overhauled prioritizing user-friendliness for newcomers. It now provides access to documentation on robot connections, driver and MQTT management, license checking, and network testing via pinging. Users can also jog the robot from the dashboard for testing purposes.


I/O support for ABB and Fanuc controller

As mentioned in changelog 4.10, Fuzzy RTOS now supports robot IOs for ABB and Fanuc robots. The installation architecture is detailed in this diagram. Please note that this is a beta feature, the API is being stabilized, and support for other robot brands will be added soon.

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