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What’s new with Fuzzy 4.8?

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The first changelog of the year has arrived. The Fuzzy team would like to wish you a very happy new year. Christmas continues a little longer with the arrival of Fuzzy version 4.8 with nothing less than an overhaul of our solvers to generate trajectories even faster, and with ever more optimized execution speeds! As always, we can’t wait for you to discover these new features and improvements.

Revised frame editor to move a selection of objects

A new design has been made to the Frame Editor for designing your work scenes. An absolute/relative mode has been added, allowing you to move one or more objects relative to an unlimited number of reference frames, objects or waypoints. Scene editing has never been so immediate.

Faster trajectories and faster motion generation

By increasing the maximum possible joint velocity achievable, we are now able to achieve increased trajectory speeds, particularly on more complex structures such as surface sweeps. We have also worked on the overall faster motion generation, and more particularly on slow or more delicate trajectories.

A new scene tree visible from Scene Editor

The Scene Tree has been redesigned and can now be viewed directly in the Scene Editor, without having to go through the parameters. Appearing as a floating window, it’s even easier and more visual than before to create your links between objects and reference frames thanks to instant drag-and-drop.

Add a constant mode in the Contouring generator

In addition to the Seed orientation and Relative to path modes, a third contouring path generation mode has been added: Constant mode. This mode is designed to enable you to maintain the same tooling orientation throughout your path. A real asset for your cutting or engraving applications, for example!

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