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What’s new with Fuzzy 4.6?

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Hi Fuzzers! We hope you had a good start to the new school year. With version 4.6, Fuzzy has got itself a big, long-awaited treat: the arrival of an Undo/Redo mode (yes, the famous CTRL Z) for creating scenes and trajectories. We’re already big fans! And that’s not all… You can now copy and paste one or more waypoints into an existing or new trajectory. Creating robotics applications has never been so quick as with Fuzzy version 4.6!

Long live the Undo/Redo

You can now undo and redo your actions in Fuzzy Studio. Pressing “Ctrl+Z” key, you can instantly return to the previous state of your scene or trajectory. This saves you a lot of time when you’re creating, because now you can immediately correct any mistakes. And if you go too far in the correction, you can always go back. Up to 100 steps are buffered to compensate for any errors.

Copy and paste your waypoints at will

You could already copy your trajectory at will. Now you can do the same with your waypoints. This makes it much easier to manipulate and compose your trajectories, and adds to Fuzzy’s familiar feel. Access to repetitive or cyclic positions, and the creation of approach or clearance points, are now much more intuitive. What’s more, a drop down list is available to take your waypoints wherever you want in your trajectories.

Bring colors to your scene

Because everyone likes a bit of personalisation, Fuzzy gives you a choice of themes for your 3D scene. Always more attractive for your work and presentations than a plain white background, isn’t it?

Never lose your window if you change screen

You may already have experienced this problem. A window that has disappeared but is still open, lost on an external screen that has been disconnected. With Fuzzy, you’ll never have to worry about that. Studio now opens permanently on your main active monitor

“Add after” is now continuously activated

When creating your waypoints, when the “add after” option is selected, it remains continuously active, so that each point added is set from the initial point chosen. You no longer need to keep clicking on the option.

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