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What’s new with Fuzzy 4.5?

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Hello Fuzzy team! We hope you’ve had a good holiday, had a good rest and are ready to hit the ground running at the end of the year. We’re back with a very ambitious version 4.5, which redefines the ease with which you can create contour paths. You’ll also be able to control even more parameters, such as approach and preview speeds. We’re also gently preparing the arrival of a new design, but… shhh, it’s coming. Go Fuzzy!


Edge Generator gets a facelift

You can now directly select all the contours of an object, or individually chosen beads, as soon as you start creating your trajectory! They will also be ordered logically, and easily interchangeable according to the needs of your application. An offset on the normal also appears, as does the ability to choose angles of incidence on your piece or your trajectory. Very useful for defining permanent angles of attack, such as for welding applications.

Introducing the new CAD library

There’s no longer any need to search for a CAD in your explorer over and over again. A single import is all it takes to find all the parts you’ve already imported into this new 3D model library. An image is captured directly so you can find your CADs visually, and you can select only your favourite 3D models.

New description for internal messages

A problem generating your trajectory? Don’t know how to debug an error? No problem! We’ve improved our internal message descriptions to guide you through the corrections you need to make to your trajectories, and ensure that they are feasible.

Reducing approach trajectory speed by default

By default, the approach trajectories were set at 100% of the robot’s achievable speed. This could present a risk to the physical validation of an application. From now on, the approach speed will be set at 10% of the robot’s attainable speed, but it will still be possible to set parameters if this speed proves insufficient.

3D navigation made easier

To make it easier for the user to navigate around the 3D scene, we’ve made two changes: the first is to block the zooming in and out of the scene, to keep it within realistic viewing limits and above all useful for your application – there’s no need to go to atomic scale in industrial robotics 🙂 The second places a discreet anchor point in the middle of the screen representing the pivot on which each camera movement is made.

And also…

Trajectory preview speeds can now be adjusted from 0 to 200% to validate your trajectories even more quickly. In Jog mode, a switch can be used to toggle between real and virtual robot to access the positions of each axis and spatial co-ordinates. The homing position is automatically created and available in the list of saved positions. Finally, a link has been added to the menu to direct you to our technical support page (an internet connection is required).


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Cedric Vandermeersch

Cedric Vandermeersch

Curiosity, Experience, Technology. As an application engineer with a proven track record in the EdTech & Robotics industry, I look forward to developing new products through ambitious and holistic approaches to educate many generations of citizens and industrial leaders.

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