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What’s new with Fuzzy 4.3?

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Fuzzy is now in version 4.3! This release is all about improved onboarding, with the arrival of “turnkey” projects on which to get your feet wet, before having fun on a real robot (and always in complete safety). The new “Saved Position” and “Reference Waypoint” generators have also been in demand for a long time, to make trajectory creation easier and speed up deployment without upsetting your habits. Last but not least, we provide you with increasingly sophisticated trajectory calculation algorithms. From now on, there’s no scenario we can’t handle!

New example projects are now playable at Studio launch

Fuzzy Studio comes with three ready-to-use programs to help you get started. The main Fuzzy Studio features (contouring, surfacing and pointing trajectories on 3D files) are available here in these ready-to-use projects, with different robot models. Industrial contextualization is obviously highlighted, with projects inspired by practical cases (deburring, quality control, polishing). Other start-up projects will soon be added to the onboarding menu.

Still in the Start menu, your projects are now sorted by modification date, with the most recent appearing at the top of the page. It’s now easier to find your way around!


New “Saved pose” & “Reference Waypoints” are available in the generators panel

The trajectory generators have two new companions: the “Saved Position” generator and the “Reference Frame” generator!

As its name suggests, the “Saved Position” generator lets you call up any previously saved point in your trajectory, as many times as you like. It’s now much easier to create and call up your homing positions, retreat or clearance points, approach points…

Simply move the robot to the desired position, save it in the parametric menu on the right and give it a customized name. You can then call it up by clicking on the new generator.

For the Reference Frame generator, it’s almost the same thing! You can use Reference Frames, available in the Scene Panel, to create relative position reference frames, then call up their position with the associated generator.


Make unlimited import/export of your Exchange tables

To facilitate the integration of your Fuzzy projects into your physical automation or software integrations, it is now possible to import and export your customized exchange tables. This feature is particularly useful for repeatable robotics projects, where the PLC part is common, with similar inputs and outputs.

This function also facilitates partial import of a Fuzzy Studio project, where previously it was only possible to import/export an entire project or trajectory.


Settings panel has been redesigned for further extensions

The Settings menu gets a makeover. The burger menu has been replaced by an individual window, making it easier to add new parameters to enhance your experience as new features are added. The jog filter can now be deactivated immediately, keyboard and mouse behavior during scene manipulation are displayed and will soon be changeable via this menu, and all parameter changes can be undone at the end of a session.


Improvements made on the Edge generator

Improvements have been made to the Edge Generator. Now, when creating your contouring trajectory, you can easily see which segment corresponds to which name in your generator, by highlighting them. Likewise, only segments belonging to the selected surface are highlighted, making it easier to select them, and therefore to generate your trajectories.


Right panel opened when adding an object to the scene

It may seem like a detail to you, but it means a lot. As soon as you import a 3D file (CAD or robot) into your Scene, the object’s contextual menu opens on your screen, giving you easy access to its geometric information (making it so that you can’t forget it).

Find all the news of version 4.3 of Fuzzy Studio on our YouTube channel with Cédric :

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