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GYS and Fuzzy Logic, a partnership for the future of welding

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Founded in 1964, GYS is a French industrial group and a major player in the design and manufacture of welding equipment, battery chargers and car body repair equipment. It employs over 900 people worldwide. 

With a first-rate research and development center employing more than 90 experts in a wide range of specialities (electronics, mechanics, etc.), GYS is a driving force behind the ongoing innovation of highly technical products.  The R&D department gives its researchers the opportunity to develop and design innovative systems using cutting-edge tools. 

As part of this technological development, GYS turned to Fuzzy Logic to automate MIG/MAG welding. We offered to test Fuzzy Studio, our intuitive, no-code software for programming and simulating robotic cells.

Testimonial of Bruno BOUYGUES, CEO of GYS 

Can you tell us more about your technological partnership with Fuzzy Logic?

Shortly before the Covid pandemic, Ryan Lober and I met through a mutual acquaintance. We have a lot in common as we both work on simplifying industrial robotics. GYS focuses on the ability of welding stations to communicate with robots, and Fuzzy Logic focuses on improving and simplifying trajectories.

How does the Fuzzy Logic solution benefit your industry?

In the field of robotic welding, Fuzzy has specialized in robots with its software that enables trajectories to be created with unrivalled precision

Why would you recommend our software? 

The world of robotics in France is still not well known. To attract as many people as possible, we need to provide more modern and more precise software solutions.  Fuzzy’s robotic twin is one of the best examples in France of the kind that is so badly needed to reindustrialize the country. 

Do you have anything to add? 

I wish the Fuzzy Logic teams all the best for the future and hope that our partnership will last for the next 30 years.

Testimonial from Étienne PASQUET, Robotics Project Manager at GYS  – Welding, Charging & Collision Repair Equipment

What is the main reason why you became interested in our Fuzzy Studio software? 

We needed to carry out a lot of welding tests and save time programming robotic trajectories so that we could concentrate on welding quality. 

What was your problem to solve? Were there any particular constraints?

Our main constraint was linked to the diversity of robot brands. We had to be able to switch from one to another and generate trajectories quickly. 

What feature did you appreciate most in our software?

One of the most interesting functions of your software Fuzzy Studio is contouring, which generates trajectories automatically, saving us a considerable amount of time. 

What have been the most important benefits of our software since it was installed?

We’ve saved time in our tests by simplifying trajectory generation and robot programming, especially since we’re constantly switching from one brand to another. Previously, we had to adapt to each brand’s environment each time we programmed.

How much time do you save?

For applications where we already have what we need, i.e. 3D, we save up to 80% of time on programming trajectories. 

If you had to recommend Fuzzy Studio, what advantages would you do so for? 

The team is close to us, we have a good relationship and support is responsive. Fuzzy Studio is easy to use, and the features fully meet our expectations.

What about welding specifically? 

At the moment, we’re working on improvements to the specific features for welding that interest us, and the optics that are being prepared look promising. 

Do you have anything to add? 

Don’t hesitate to ask Fuzzy Logic for a demo – you’ll be convinced!

Testimonial of Ambre DE VERBIGIER, Robotics Engineer at GYS

What was the main reason you became interested in our software? 

Because it’s so easy to program! We work with several brands of robot, about fifteen, and it takes me a long time to redo the same program on each robot. With Fuzzy Studio, which adapts to all robots, there’s only one language, so it’s much simpler.  

What was your problem to solve? Were there any particular constraints?

I’m the only roboticist at GYS and my main constraint is time: I need time to program everything, on all the robots. For the same program, you have to adapt to each new brand environment. Fuzzy Studio really helps me here, it simplifies everything. 

What feature do you appreciate most in our software?

The one where you move the robot live on the computer and in real time. It’s incredible, much simpler than using joysticks or keys. 

What have been the most significant benefits of our software since it was installed?

Huge time savings. It used to take me two days to program a complicated part. Now, with Fuzzy Studio, I spend half a day once everything is set up, at most. 

As a manufacturer of welding equipment, we do an integration test, for example, to demonstrate the compatibility of tools for each brand. In terms of customer support, we can quickly import the customer’s cell and directly visualize the problems they are experiencing. It’s great for understanding what’s happening on the customer’s side. 


If you were to recommend our solution, what advantages would you cite? 

Fuzzy Studio is easy to use and learn, and it makes programming a lot simpler. It saves me a lot of time. Above all, you can simulate everything on the computer, then just import it into the robot and it works instantly. 

Fuzzy Studio is versatile, multi-brand software that works with all robots. 

What will change at GYS with Fuzzy Studio? 

My colleagues who are not roboticists can now also program a robot using the software. We’ll be able to divide up the work and work together more easily as a team. 

 Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

I love Fuzzy Studio!

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