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Working with External Axes

6 mins read In this tutorial I will show you how you can integrate external axes, like positioners, tracks and the like into your Fuzzy Studio projects. You will see how with just a little bit of setup you can simulate the motion of any external axis in Fuzzy Studio and make sure that your process trajectories are regenerated on the fly. Please not that these examples will all use asynchronous axis motion, which means the axes and the robot will not be moving at the same time. For example, if we have a part with two sides and we can only reach one side at a time with the robot, rather than adding a second robot, we will simply turn the part 180 degrees with a positioner (or turn-table).

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Node-RED & Fuzzy Studio – Basic Communication

9 mins read In this tutorial, we will learn what Node-RED is and how it can be used to build robotic automation workflows with Fuzzy Studio. We will start with some general concepts and principles to get our very first robotic cycle working. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to launch a robotic process from Node-RED and simulate a basic welding cycle in Fuzzy Studio.

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Application Simulation: Painting (Part 1)

6 mins read In this tutorial, we will create a simple painting application using a single industrial robot. We will explore the basic steps one can take to go from nothing to a basic version of the painting process. While I will use the term “painting” in this tutorial, the following is applicable to pretty much any spraying or pulverization application (e.g. powder coating, enameling, dye penetrant coating, sandblasting…). Programming robot trajectories for these kinds of applications is notoriously difficult, but as you will see, with Fuzzy Studio, not only can it be really easy – you don’t have to do any programming!

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